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Announcing the Bootstrap Awards 2018 Winners – March 6th 2018

presented by Smart & Biggar | powered by The Ottawa Network

The Bootstrap Awards celebrate self-capitalized businesses and have “bootstrapped” their growth with limited outside funding and commercial success. The awards were created to recognize the outstanding achievements of early stage companies in all industries, both for-profit and non-profit, and across a range of distinct criteria-based categories.


Green Award - Riverwood Acoustics

The winner demonstrates how their organization is striving to improve the environment through a combination of environmental and economic (commercial) sustainability:

Innovation Engineering & Technology Award - SanEcoTec Ltd

The winner demonstrates how their company has applied scientific engineering expertise and technology to solve an everyday problem in a way that is unique and innovative.

Best Mobile Application - GoFor

The winner demonstrates how their application design supports and integrates into their business model or their stakeholder’s business ecosystem, or solves a unique problem using mobile platforms and technology.

Best Marketing or Social Media Marketing - Digitera Interactive with the Wildfire Instagram Growth Tool

The winner demonstrates how they used “guerilla” or social (influencer or experiential) marketing strategies to attract media attention and stakeholder involvement in their enterprise while cost-effectively acquiring customers and clients.

Bootstrap Capital Award - Spatial DNA Informatics Inc

The winner demonstrates their ability to completely self-finance and “bootstrap” their enterprise without any help from ‘Angel’ or Venture Capital investors, and grow their business while remaining economically viable and profitable.

Community Impact Award - The Kind Village Inc

The winner demonstrates how their organization has had an impact on the community, in terms of social good by raising awareness of a cause or initiative, and / funding, through a unique event, campaign, or fundraising program, using innovative and entrepreneurial techniques.

Founder of the Year - Elizabeth Audette-Bourdeau of Welbi

This founder demonstrates exceptional leadership and ability to grow their company and build their business through stakeholder engagement and networking, and/or shown themselves to be a leader and influencer in the business community, acting as a peer role-model for other founders.



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